David A. Schwartz ancien combattant 2ème GM - WW2 veteran.

En automne1944, David était affecté au 179ème Régiment d'Infanterie US. Il se battit pour la prise de la colline 525 et le village de Brouvelieures.

On autumn 1944, David was a member of the 179th Infantry Regiment and fought on the deep forest between Grandvillers and Brouvelieures. (Hill 525)

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  • thunderbird88


    fltatt1 wrote: "Unfortunately, Mr. Schwartz passed away 5 years ago. I'm his daughter-in-las. Sorry! "

    David was really a friend for me. I met him by two times during his trips in France. I visited him in Tampa and we assisted both at the 45th reunion in year 2004. I have recently sponsored his grave. Sincerely

  • fltatt1


    Unfortunately, Mr. Schwartz passed away 5 years ago. I'm his daughter-in-las. Sorry!

  • Daniel


    My Uncle SGT. Joseph Lehan was in B CO.,179TH INF.REGT. and was wounded on October 7,1944,when
    his company was sent into the Fremifontaine Forrest,to open up a route through to K CO.,180TH INF.REGT.
    He was injured when an artillery or Mortar Fragment bounced up under his arm.He was out of Action for 6 weeks.
    B CO., 179TH INF. REGT. Had just before won a heroic firefight ,Liberating the Town of Grandvillers, France
    from the Germans in Early October 2-5th,1944.I was wondering wether the gentleman in the Picture had known my Uncle

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